Key clients

StepStone (online recruitment) where we've been running the management training programme across Europe since 2008 and now include personal effectiveness and problem solving courses


Styles & Wood (construction)  - management training since 2012 and now personal effectiveness


Ramboll Environ (environmental science) - management training since 2012


Microsoft (MSN) - delivered a 7 year customer experience training programme globally


We get outstanding feedback from attendees and business sponsors alike:


"I would like to thank you for running such an enjoyable course with us. It has helped me identify and take onboard some excellent techniques and theories which no doubt I will use and improve my performance in the future."

"I want to thank you for all the support during the course, it has been an extremely rewarding experience for me not only professionally but also personally."

"Thank you Garry and thank you for all your expert training and guidance along the way! Really enjoyed the experience and found it hugely beneficial."

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